Las Vegas

My husband Sam travels a lot for work and since October is a pretty busy month for him this year, he brought me with him to Las Vegas for the week. It worked out well with my schedule since I have yet to land a job…I don’t have any big plans while I’m here in Nevada, it would be awesome to see a show one night, but mostly I will probably hang by the pool, drink some wine, search for jobs and hang out with my hub. And hopefully get a new/working phone. My phone has finally completely crapped out on me and while it’s been hard for me to not have something to take pictures with (I LOVE taking pictures) it has also been kind of nice being without a phone, being “off the grid” and not constantly feeling the need to occupy any down time with a screen in front of my face. But that is why being without a phone is also kind of annoying, because when you don’t have a phone to stick your face in every still moment, you notice how much everyone else does it too and how much we are all disconnected from the present so much of the time. It’s really annoying trying to talk to someone when they find Pinterest or their new iPhone 6+ more interesting, ya know what I mean? We’ve all been there. Might as well be talking to a brick wall.

Anyway, yesterday Sam and I went hiking at Mt. Charleston here in Nevada and he took some really great pictures that I’ll get ahold of some time and share. The weather was amazing up in the mountains and the trees had beautiful color change. It was supposedly a 1.5 mile hike each way, but it was a pretty steep incline on the way up so it felt a little longer. It was a good work out and we forgot all about it when we came up to the tiny fall and the gigantic cave at the top. We sat down and had a picnic lunch before making our descent. It was really nice, I’ll post pictures soon. I’m off to run 3 miles.

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