The Worship of the Weight Room

Jackie & Bobby

Gym in the AM. Party in the PM. “

I saw a woman sporting a shirt with this message in the gym recently and I had to chuckle. That’s life, huh? The gym and partying? Lather, rinse, repeat.

I like to lift heavy things (and then put them down) a few times a week, but lately I’ve observed an almost religious devotion in the “gym rats” around me. The outfits are carefully picked out. The men all have fresh pompadours and make sure that the electric green hat matches perfectly with the socks. The ladies have set their stretchy pants to the “ridiculously tight” setting. And the oversized headphones are polished just to perfection.

There’s something to be said for fitness, absolutely. But the unhealthy veneration of the “perfect physique,” the countless magazines and supplement guides that exist now to achieve this figure, and the overall obsession with…

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