Baby Fever vs. Travel Fever

Sam and I have arrived in Vegas!

For those of you who don’t know, Sam travels a lot for work, except the past THREE weeks he has been able to work at home and it’s been such a nice change. Almost a little bit normal for a while. But this weekend and next week he’s in Vegas working with the desert tortoises once again! So in an effort to tack on a few extra days together and have a little getaway I came with him for the weekend!

Yesterday after work I had to literally run out of the building to try to beat traffic, pick up Sam and make it to the airport in time for our flight, but we did it! I just felt a little bad for the people in close proximity to me on the plane because I know I wasn’t smelling my best! The man sitting next to us on the plane didn’t seem to mind, or maybe he noticed we were flustered and that’s why he asked if he could buy us “newlyweds” a drink? Haha. Either way, we thought it was super sweet. And we still think it’s funny to be called newlyweds. I mean I guess we are it just feels as though we’ve been married so much longer than just a little over a year. Not in a bad way. And I just kind of laugh because it feels like Sam and I have worked through so much in our first year of marriage that we have earned some kind of imaginary next title after newlywed. Like advanced newlyweds or something. We’ve passed Newlywed’s 101 and are on to 102.

Anyway, anyone else out there love hearing other people’s stories? Specifically about how they met their spouse? I love love stories and this guy had a great story. I won’t tell it all but he and his wife were engaged after only three months, now married 33 years and happy in love every day with two beautiful kids. It made me so excited about having kids and starting a family of our own.

But I think I get like this every time the weather starts to change and I think about the holidays (or see a cute little baby)…I think about having a big family of our own one day and I want to get started! But then I don’t…But then I see Amber Fillerup from the Barefoot Blonde with her cuuuuute family and I think…yes I do! She seriously has the cutest little baby boy ever and I think, I want a little me and Sam running around everywhere with us!! And I want to go to their soccer and football games and watch them grow up.

But then I think about the ease at which I was able to hop on a plane and travel with Sam for work…and I think we can wait a few more years. We have so many places we want to travel (at least I do) and I know it’s not impossible to do with kids, but it’s definitely more responsibility and more focus and energy is on the kids. It’s just funny because with how stressful teaching can be, I figured it would definitely suppress my feelings of wanting to have kids, but I think it’s made them stronger! Hahaha. Which is REALLY truly surprising.

Anyway…not sure what we will be up to while in Vegas. We kind of figure it out as we go when we’re here since Sam is working. We usually stay at the Aliante Casino and Hotel and do outdoorsy things but this time we are right on the strip at the Polo Towers and we are trying to decide what show we want to see, are planning on eating at Lotus of Siam (a recommendation from a friend who said it was the BEST Thai restaurant in Vegas), and walking/doing things around the strip. What things? Who knows! Maybe we’ll be a little adventurous and try one of those oversized souvenir drinks…LOL. You never know, but as our flight attendant said, “What happens in Vegas, ends up on FB and INSTA in five minutes”, so I’ll let you know!

Sincerely, Amanda


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