Sincerely Samanda takes Vegas

I’m flying back home right now and leaving Sam in Vegas until Friday! Wahh 😦 At least it’s only three days this time around. We’ve had such a good time together here in Vegas, check out some of what we did below 🙂

After running to make our flight to get to Vegas we had just enough time to grab some Amy’s Ice Cream (Austin original that has now expanded to Houston&San Antonio and SO good).

When we got to Vegas it was two hours earlier and just in time for dinner, so we checked into the Polo Towers and then walked the strip to 800 Degrees Pizza. It’s like a subway for Pizza. You go down the line and choose the kind of crust you want, type of sauce and whatever toppings you fancy…kind of neat but not really my favorite pizza ever. Stay tuned later in the post for some of the best pizza we had in Vegas.This was the view from our room.

During the day while Sam was working I went shopping at The Miracle Mile shops!  I took a picture of these high-waisted jeans from H&M because I really liked how they fit, and I didn’t want to buy them that moment but I definitely want to pick some up maybe next payday? They were super cute with a little crop top shirt…that amazingly didn’t show my stomach thanks to these pants. And actually I’m glad I waited because a lot of their high-waist pants are on SALE online!!

We just had to try some big drinks. We got burgers at Fuku Burger and a Blue Coconut drink. It was good and oh so sugary…but good!

So we got more at Fat Tuesday’s. I got Mango (which I think was the best), and Sam got Mai Tai.

I took another picture of this shirt at Urban Outfitters because I also want to buy it. I love things that fit really nice and flowy and cozy! Especially when I’ve been eating crap and my butt is five pounds heavier. But also this is a nice oversize transition piece for fall!

Last night we went with a couple of Sam’s co-workers to Old School Pizzeria! Sam and I ordered a large Classic Combo and some of their yummy lemonade. Their crust is all homemade without any preservatives and is super good! Sam had leftovers for days from the large, their portions are pretty awesome!

I couldn’t leave Vegas without us having a trip to Mt. Charleston. It’s such a nice drive and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city area. It’s plain beautiful!  Everytime we go, I think, I could live in the mountains for sure! I really think I’d love it. But I think that everytime I’m at the beach too..

We ate some brunch at the restaurant The Mount Charleston Lodge. Their sourdough toast was the best part! Seriously, big fluffy toast with melted butter and jam…SO GOOD. And the views are great too.

I really wish I didn’t have to leave Sam 😦 It’s SO NICE being able to escape with him to work sometimes because it turns into a little adventure and it’s always a good time. Back to work and finishing up bridal shower decor and fun stuff this week, which I’m SUPER excited about! I can’t wait to share everything in a post with you guys so stay tuned!! 🙂

Sincerely, Amanda

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