The Art of Packing a Weekend Getaway Bag



This can be soo hard. Especially for us ladies, am I right?? I know for me, I always start out with a few things and then by the time I’m done packing I’ve convinced myself that I need two bags full of stuff that I probably won’t wear. Because I normally stick to my favorite shirts/outfits and outwear them anyway. Sometimes I’ve even been totally okay with wearing my favorite outfit two days in a row…we’ve all had those outfits that we just didn’t want to take off! Or is it just me?

BUT I’ve gotten a lot better at the whole overpacking thing. Very slowly (minus the fact that I always bring three bags because –> camera bag and backpack with my macbook and any books I want to read). Basically you have to be okay with minimalizing instead of packing like every day could possibly be a fashion show.

Here are a few questions that help me pack the perfect small getaway <clothes, shoes & toiletries> bag::

  • What do I absolutely NEED at my destination? Essentially am I dressing for warm/cold weather?
  • What can I wear that goes with the one or two pairs of shoes that I’m going to bring? That’s it. Limit yourself to one or two pairs of shoes and go from there. Don’t fall into the shoe trap!
  • How many days will I be there? Is this a two, three or four day long weekend trip and will I be able to wash clothes at my destination? I’ve found that aiming to wear the same thing there and back for travel days helps to eliminate an extra outfit! Then I pack one outfit for each day, one pair of unders and socks for each day, but only one set of pajamas for the entire trip. I don’t think this is gross, but if you do, you can always wash them there! The thing about packing small is that it makes doing laundry a lot easier too! Pop whatever id dirty in on speedwash/speeddry and it doesn’t take too much time while on vacay.
  • Do I want to bring toiletries/buy extra toiletries there/will they be providing toiletries?I keep my toiletries light. Just the essentials because I normally don’t feel like buying extra shampoo, conditioner & body wash while we are there. Besides those things: a razor, face wash. And only the make-up I know I use regularly, every day. Foundation, Bronzer, blush, lipstick, tinted eyebrow gel, eyeliner and mascara. My everyday look.. Unless you feel like carting along a big caboodle, I just don’t see the point. Especially when I’m going somewhere tropical…I don’t like wearing much make-up anyway!
  • Is there anything I packed that i can take out? Look over your bag one last time once it’s packed and if there’s anything that you know you packed as a ‘just in case’, take it out!

Voila! The perfect weekend getaway bag!

Happy Travels!




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