What to do when you hit that don’t give a flip phase



Me circa like 2006 or 2007. I don’t know how I didn’t care that my hair looked so crazy, so I’m gonna say maybe I was coming from soccer practice or something and was running late (or that I just didn’t care)…I do distinctly remember the lady at ACC who was taking my picture asking if I wanted to do something about my hair first and I remember acting like I had no idea what she was talking about…haha. 

You know that phase you go through when it’s easier to not work out? To not put any thought or time into putting together an outfit. To not really do your hair at all, or actually ever. BUT, it’s okay because you just don’t give a flip! Who cares. Life goes on, right?Welcome to my life every few months. I find motivation, then I lose it. And sometimes I just don’t really care.

It’s kind of like that point in your life when you were single but weren’t really looking for anyone and it was pure freedom to look unkempt and be okay with it. You know what I mean? Roll out of bed with your hair a mess, sweats and an oversized t-shirt, and you probably haven’t shaved your legs in months and you’re eating pizza every night kind of stuff. Well, you totally reach that point in marriage too! Suddenly you’ve reached this level of comfort that would have had each other running in the opposite direction if you were just dating. And no lie, it’s kind of a fun place to be. It’s accepting and comfortable and like I said, fun. I’ll spare you the fun details BUT just as I did in my single days, even in my married days I always hit a point where I realize it’s time to work on myself a little bit!

If you’re at that point (I’m right there with you!), I’m sharing tips to help you get that oomph back! 🙂

  • Get up early. Ease into it if you need to, but trust me, once you get into the swing of it, it becomes eaasy. This way you have extra time (for a quiet time, time to reflect, time to plan, time to just be and rest and enjoy coffee) before whatever you need to tackle that day.
  • Make your bed! It makes a difference, trust me. I mean I know this tip is in every self help book out there, but I think it works! It gives you that same feeling and satisfaction that you get from cleaning your entire house and then being able to enjoy it that way. It sets the atmosphere of your day!
  • Fit in a morning work out. Make yourself go, as much as you want to skip it, just keep forcing yourself to get through it until it becomes something you enjoy. I don’t know what it is about morning work outs but they are SO much better than evening workouts. They completely set the tone for the whole day. You feel good, you have more energy and your evening feels free.
  • Fix your hair! For me that means curling my hair. I used to use my curling wand to give myself nice curls/waves almost every day! Granted there are other ways to fix your hair without doing it so much damage, but fix it in a way that you love, that looks nice! I heard this quote once from a lady I really admire, she said, “if someone hasn’t complemented your hair in two weeks then it’s time to change it!”
  • Put on an outfit you love. Putting on some actual clothes helps you feel more put together!
  • Put some make-up on. This one always helps me because unless I’m at the beach where my face is constantly getting sun and sea salt, my skin is discolored and has lots of acne scars! Now, I still don’t mind going make-up less (plus it helps my skin breathe!) but it’s nice to remember what you look like all fixed up sometimes!
  • Fix your nails! I bite mine to no end…but I’ve found that when I put the time into painting them I usually take better care of my nails and let them grow out! Plus just like putting on actual clothes, it does kind of make a difference in feeling more put together.
  • Eat good for you stuff! I’m not saying completely change your diet. Moderation is always key but work in more of the things you know will make you feel good. Like green juice, raw veggies and fruits!
  • Drink lots of lemon water!! There are so many benefits of consuming lemon: it’s good for digestion, good for skin, energy boosting, etc. Same with getting enough water! It helps flush your body of toxins and keeps things functioning properly! You’ll feel better with this one, for sure!
  • Have a date night or go out for a girls night! Get all glammed up and go have fun with the people you love. Being around people you love is confidence boosting, lowers stress levels and helps your body produce endorphins (because chances are you’ll laugh at some point) which lead to an overall sense of well-being!

And always remember, you rock!


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