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Hope Town, Elbow cay


Guana Cay


Nipper’s on Guana Cay


Little Harbour



Little Harbour


The view from our vacation rental.


Hope Town


Hope Town


Elbow Cay

Aloha from North Abaco est. July 2012! BEST vacation I’ve been on so far and I can’t wait to go back! Seriously, anyone want to plan a trip for next year and go? The North Abacos are something similar to what my dreams are made of…seriously!

We spent an entire week hopping from island to island in the Northern Abacos, snorkeling, boating, eating conch burgers, fishing, enjoying sunsets and tiki bars. We saw sharks, dolphins, eels, giant lobsters, and so many sand dollars that we’d be millionaires if they were an actual currency.

We stayed at the perfect vacation rental through VRBO (my mom did all of the planning and she did it fabulously). Take a look at some of the rentals in North Abaco. We stayed at a home on Sugar Cay that you could only get to by boat!!! It had it’s own little beach and boat dock that was nice to fish on in the evenings or to enjoy the sunsets from.

If you’re going to the Northern Abacos, boating is generally the best way to get around. There are several boat rentals in the North Abaco area, to list a few: Water Ways, Get My Boat, JIC Boat Rentals, Rainbow Rentals . You’ll be sooo happy you saw the Abacos by boat.

Just a few of the Cays we hopped between:

Hope Town on Elbow Cay

Hope Town has a super cute beach town vibe, similar to Key West, FL but a little more quaint and carribbean-ish with restaurants, hotels, vacation rentals, coffee shops and other shops.

We ate at Reef Bar and Grill right on the beach with an excellent view of the ocean. We actually saw dolphins pretty close in while we were there, so while we waited for the food Sam and I went to the beach to see them closer. They also had a pool at the restaurant/bar that we swam in too!

Guana Cay

We ate at Nipper’s Bar and Grill where we had delicious conch burgers. Don’t knock it till you try it because they’re actually really good! If you like seafood, you’ll love them!

Before and after eating we snorkeled along the 5 1/2 mile beach among the coral reef just off the shore. Sam is actually really good at spear fishing and one of the days that we were at Guana, after Sam had speared a fish, two sharks came out of the shadows behind him and followed him up to the beach! I was done following Sam around after that…haha. I love the ocean, but the thought of sharks even swimming in a pool alone freaks me out!

Man-O-War Cay

Over near Man-O-War Cay we went to an ocean reef where we had to tie our boat up to a mooring. We all got out and went snorkeling in what felt like was the middle of the ocean! While snorkeling I saw a huge eel, and that kind of freaked me out but I slowly backed away and then stayed close to everyone else. The current was pretty strong that day and no joke I almost got sea sick just swimming around. But I took a little break on the boat…the fun thing is that there are about ten other boats tied up out there with you and everyone is either in the water or on their boat!

Little Harbour

We went to Pete’s Pub while visiting Little Harbour. It feels like we ate only Conch Burgers but we ate some pretty good ceviche too! And then we explored the town and saw a cave that was on the cay.

It’s hard to remember the name of every Cay we went to but I remember my favorites well: Guana, Little Harbour and Hope Town were my top three!

Boating Map of Abaco (1)


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Have you been to the Abacos? Where do you recommend going??

I’ll just be over here dreaming my way through the end of the week…


P.S. I had an interview yesterday that I am EXTREMELY excited about so cross your fingers for me!