If you are looking for a quiet mountain summer getaway, Bucks Lake would be a good place to go! You might want to bring your own towels though (right guys? ; ) I find it semi-funny that having only one towel the whole week didn’t bother me but bothered the guys) our resort only gave us one set of towels for the week (no washer and dryer and no fresh sets) which might be a problem if you really dirty them up at the lake or something but we didn’t.   They have a marina where you can rent anything from a fishing boat or ski boat and a wakeboard/skis to kayaks and stand up paddle boards. they’ve also got a couple of bars in the area at the different lodges (one of which we frequented evenings for wi-fi), a couple of restaurants, a little store and it’s not too far of a drive to the nearby town of Quincy (super quaint)!

We actually drove into town one night for dinner where we ate at a place called Sweet Lorraine’s and it was super good! I ordered a steak salad and an apple pie a la mode! Definitely recommend the apple pie, SO good (I love LOVE Apple Pie)!  So (in continuation of my PCT shpeel from the last post) after hearing enough about the PCT, Sam and Chad hiked a leg of it with me! Funny enough, Chad who is around 13 years older than Sam and I beat us up and down the trail. We started down at Bucks Summit Trailhead and made our way up to Spanish Peak…10 miles round trip. I was really amazed at all of the older people we passed hiking down on the way, I only hope to be that mobile when I’m their age! We passed an old man who had to at least be in his late 70s and wherever he had come from at the point on the trail  was a long way. At least a 10 mile hike but maybe more!

  Look at my Sam isn’t he so studly?
The view from Spanish Peak was amazing!  But there was a storm moving in on us so we had about enough time at the top to snap some pictures, sign the log book, eat a granola bar while enjoying the view and head back down. And we literally made it just in time to sit down at the bar and watch it move in…and listen to the excitement of actually having weather in the area…you know, since they’ve been in drought and all. They haven’t even had snow the past two winters but you’ll still see snow mobiles sitting on the side of the road/in people’s driveways, maybe in anticipation of snow in the winters to come? These people signed just before we did.Basically the trip was beautiful. I’m in San Antonio this week for work sitting in conference rooms all day and I’m feeling semi nostalgic about Bucks Lake since I was just there and it was like being in a postcard!! I would definitely go back.

I’m actually super excited because mine and Sam’s 1 year marriage anniversary is coming up on June 27th and we are taking a trip back to Northern Cali to spend a long weekend in the San Francisco area!

Any recommendations on what we should see/do?? Let me know!!!

Sincerely, Amanda


Where to begin? I haven’t posted in awhile because we have been thoroughly enjoying ourselves on the top of a mountain with no service and little wifi this past week! I was able to share some snaps on Insta and if you saw them then you could probably understand my despondency at being home now! …I’m happy to be home (especially to see our furry babies), but man Bucks Lake was gorgeous and SO peaceful and I could definitely get used to THAT. Oh and before I share pictures, I was kinda bummed because the one place I would want to bring my Nikon, I totally forgot it!! So all my photos were shot on my iPhone though I still think they capture some of the beauty of the area!   So we stayed at Lakeshore ‘Resort’ on Bucks Lake in California about 30 minutes away from the town of Quincy. I put resort in quotations because it’s not what you think it would be when you hear that. When I hear resort I think all inclusive, 5 restuarants at least, a few pools and a beach. I knew that wasn’t what we’d be getting, just clarifying! I was actually really excited to live the simple life for a few days. Though to be honest it took about a day for me to adjust to zero cell service and to just RELAX without feeling like I needed to be doing something (though Sam might beg to differ 😉 I’m really good at sleeping and cat naps, I’ll give him that). But I got there, and it was the BEST. 

  Our cabin was super cozy, like really cozy. It had two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchenette and just enough of a hang out space inside to make you want to be outside all of the time, which worked out perfectly because we were! If we weren’t enjoying our balcony view, Sam and Chad were doing Mussel Surveys (they were nice and let me crash their work trip), I’d be checking out the area, reading, catching some sun, hiking or we’d be enjoying a nice campfire. It was so refreshing!

So have any of you seen the movie Wild? You know, the movie about Cheryl Strayed hiking the Pacific Crest Trail? The one with Reese Witherspoon? Yeah, that one. Well, first let me preface this by saying that I have always LOVED hiking and have always dreamed of going on a backpack thru hike somewhere, though I haven’t done it yet. Anyway, about a week before this trip I watched Wild and that got me super amped up and wanting to hike the PCT someday! I’ve been pretty annoying about it…like Sam doesn’t want to hear about it ever again….but come to find out and unbeknownst to me we were actually staying on part of the PCT in CA!!! Yeah, I freaked out a little bit. Sorry hubs! But just being able to be there for the week was also definitely exciting to me. I loved every bit of it!

 So for those who don’t know, the Pacific Crest Trail is 2,650 miles long spanning the entire west side of the U.S. from the border of Mexico all the way up to Canada, traversing desert, snowy mountains, beautiful forrest and volcanic peaks. It’s a daring feat and big adventure that many take on every year, and I find it super inspiring!! Talk about being brave and pesevering, right?

I was sitting at the bar one night when Uncle Buck  (that was his trail name) walked in straight off the PCT (with only that bag pictured above holding all of the things he needs for 6 months!!). He’d wanted to go on a big adventure before turning 50 and he’s doin it! He had been on the PCT for about 3 months already and said he was on schedule to be done with the whole thing in September! He shared pictures of friends made along the way and the most amazing views and stories. Such a sense of community and hospitality on the trail… I’d love to hike it someday…though not by myself! He also shared that just the day before he’d been on the trail alone and a black bear came running down the trail right at him! Just when he thought he was a goner the black bear saw him and b-lined for the forrest…I would have had a heart attack I think!

It took two days for me to mentally prepare for going on a five-mile hike by myself because I was sure I’d probably get eaten by a mountain lion or a bear… I mean can you blame me? Everything there was named grizzly bend or grizzly creek or grizzly this and that. There was also a sign in our cabin by the front door telling us not to put out trash past 6pm so that bears wouldn’t come rummage through it…

I definitely know this about myself: I scare easy, and my imagination runs wild. Like my spirit animal would be a black bear instead of a grizzly bear because I’m curious but my instinct is definitely flight not fight, which I’m not sure if either would help me in the face of a bear or lion. Once I heard that the last bear seen in the area was almost two years ago I felt a little bit better, but I still took a fog horn with me just in case I needed to scare something off! Haha! But for the record I didn’t have to.

I’ll share more of my trip in another post or two.

It was a beautiful trip and I’m excited to share it!

PS anyone want to halt life for 6 months and hike the PCT with me?! 😉

Sincerely, Amanda