Nosara, Costa Rica Travel Guide


Where to Stay:

This was the first time that I have ever been to Costa Rica and I loved it! Sam ended up finding a great house in Nosara on Air Bnb that we stayed at with three of our friends. The thing that is awesome about lodging in this area is that you can find it really cheap! Which kind of makes up for the expensive eating out food and drink costs. But you can literally find a whole casita for yourself for $50/night. How cute is this little place for a romantic getaway for two? But you’ll want to look well in advance because when Sam booked everything was full! We still managed to find this sweet listing.

A lot of the hotels in Nosara also have a variety of options for every budget from one room rentals to whole houses to in-between and hostels. Check out Kaya Sol , The Guilded Iguana , and Casa Romantica  .


What to Do:

We stayed in Nosara, literally right up the hill from Guiones – the cutest little town with lots of restaurants, shops and the best surf in the area. So we literally got up in the morning around 5:30, drove down the hill to Playa Guiones and went for a morning surf pretty much every day!

If you need to rent a board, check out Juan Surfo’s on your way to the beach! And don’t forget to go for a sunset paddle because it’s a lot of fun! Everyone grabs their boards and heads to the beach around 4-4:30 to surf, hang out on the beach with a few drinks and watch the sunset. It’s really great!


The first two days we were in Costa we went exploring in nearby towns. All with pretty beaches and towns with restaurants and shops pretty similar to ours, though I thought Guiones was much more quaint. It had a lot of cafes, fresh pressed juice bars, and spas and everything that you could want to enjoy, so the rest of the week Sam and I rented a four wheeler from Iquad and enjoyed Guiones while our friends explored the other towns and found some spelunking!

If you’re looking for excursions to do for your visit, they have everything! Spelunking, Horse Back Riding, ATV Jungle Tours, Paddle Boarding Tours, Canopy Tours, Helicopter Tours, Deep-Sea Fishing and more. They’ve got it all and if you’re lucky you’ll see a lot of Howler Monkeys! Check out the top things to do in Nosara on Trip Advisor. 

We also hung out at the Solo Bueno a couple of times (used to be a hostel and is now only a restaurant and bar with a pool). Friday night they had a Reggae Concert (the Talawa Reggae Army performed) and Saturday we took a break from surfing to enjoy their pool, some drinks and a brownie sunday.



Walking around the abandoned Nosara Beach Hotel.

Where to Eat:

(Side note: we also bought groceries for the week because eating out in the Nosara area was pretty expensive/normal – $6+ cocktails and such -… so we cooked half of the time and ate out about half of the time)

After surfing we would usually, most days, get some gelato from Seekret Spot! Best gelato in the area! Seriously so good. Then we’d grab a slice of pizza from a road side pizzeria in town. Wish I could remember the name of it because we literally ate there four times! And then we’d have an afternoon coffee break.

Cafe Fiore has really good coffee! Try their Nutellino Cappuccino. It literally has scoops of Nutella in the bottom of the glass.

Al Chile: Their Applewood Smoked Chicken Burrito was amazing! I ordered some Pulled Pork Tacos and really wished I had ordered the chicken burrito, though my tacos weren’t bad. Their Mojitos were good and we enjoyed some Chili-Guaro’s – a famous spicy Costa Rican shot – that half of us loved and half of us didn’t. I thought it was interesting but good. You’ve got to try it for yourself!

An authentic Costa Rican Soda Cafe & Bakery: You’ll see these Soda cafe’s in every town. We all enjoyed some yummy fresh juice and homemade caramel bread before we ordered our combo lunches. Some of us had burgers, some of us had sandwiches and wraps and only one of us ordered the Authentic Costa Rican lunch. It had a meat of the day (pork chop), rice and beans and veggies.

Kaya Sol: Sam and I ordered: Jungle Patacones – Deep Fried Plantains served w/Black Bean Dip topped w/Cheese & Diced Jalepeño (SOO GOOD), Guiones Salad – Fresh Fish, Steamed Veggies, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Avocado & Beets w/ miso ginger dressing,  Taco’s de la Casa – Choose Chicken or Fish. Served w/an arrangement of Avocado, Cheese & Fresh Salsa. and a Passion Fruit mojito and margarita. The fish was really good and super fresh.

El Chivo: We ate here on our last night! It’s over in Playa Pelada, about a five minute drive away. The service was great and the atmosphere is really fun. I ordered a Burrito Grande Supreme and it was the best order, in my opinion! It was so big that I was able to save half of it for breakfast the next morning! The passion fruit margaritas were also really good and a nice size!


It was truly a relaxing and wonderful sunny week. Wish we were still there!! Hope you enjoy this Nosara Guide 🙂


Vacation Withdrawals


We are home from Costa Rica(full post to come)! We had 7 whole days in Nosara with some of our friends and it was absolutely wonderful! But we haven’t even been back for a whole day and I’m already sulking around feeling like Sam probably should have just left me there ;). I do this with every tropical beach type vacation we go on…he’s learned to just ignore my suggestions of moving to every single beach town we visit.

I’ve been reading “Life is Good” recently and while on the trip. One of the things that Bert Jacobs mentions as a way of adopting a positive attitude about things is to say “I get to” do this or “I get to” do that. Things such as wash the dishes, because you have running water. Or run to the grocery store because you have the ability and resources. Tasks that we might normally find mundane and time-consuming in our ordinary routine. We “get to” do them and when we see things through that lens we are more bent toward being grateful and appreciative of our blessings, however little we think they may be.

Well, I woke up today and went to the gym. Which I sometimes enjoy doing except for while I have that end of vacation feeling in the pit of my stomach. I “get to” go to the gym somehow just didn’t seem as exciting or great as I “get to” go surfing this morning in a beautiful foreign country. WAHHH. Am I right?

Haha. You’re probably thinking that I’m a big spoiled whiny baby and you’d be partly right. But seriously, vacation withdrawals are the worst! My mind feels somewhere completely different and far from where I physically am and I wonder at my lifestyle when I could see myself living so easily and happily in a slow paced country by the beach without cell service, paved roads, a/c, great septic systems or much water.

I guess what I mean is that I love vacation but I want to seek those things that make my soul happy on vacation in my daily life here at home. For instance, being outside more! Being more active. Being in the sun. Going on hikes. Swimming more (when it’s warm). Reading more books.  And realizing that I “got to” is just as good as I “get to” in having a grateful heart instead of always wanting more or wishing my circumstances were different.

It’s the things that I move toward that determine the quality of my life wherever I am. Not the place itself, though I will ALWAYS feel at home at the beach 😉

Anyway, I’m just rambling because I didn’t actually have a post planned for today! I hope everyone is having a good MLK day! I’ll have a Costa Rica post up soon and a few others that I’m excited about but thought I’d share a few pictures on this post that I wouldn’t normally share 🙂 Anything in particular you guys want to hear about?