Cute Centerpieces that Double as Party Favors


I had a lot of fun making these succulent centerpieces for my wedding!! But I think they would make cute centerpieces for any occasion. I knew I wanted my color scheme to be greens, blues, teals, and aquas and I thought that it would go perfect with succulents, and it did! I wanted to keep things pretty simple but the awesome thing about these was getting to create each pot with different paint colors and different size/shape succulents so that the final product was super creative and cute! Thanks to my mom for helping me with all 26 of them 🙂

I found my standard clay pots at home depot. As well as the variety of succulents that we used. And then I bought my different shades of acrylic paint at Hobby Lobby. Didn’t glaze them or anything either because I didn’t want them to be shiny…

Another exciting part about these was that we had families take one home at the end of all the festivities! A year later I still had people telling me that their succulent from my wedding was still alive and was super cute. I’d like to say the same about the one Sam and I kept, but a deer got onto our porch and ate it! Haha…anyway these are super easy to make and super fun.

Hope you like them or found some inspo!


Sneak Peak at Atticus & Finn


Hellllllo!!! I’m really excited to launch my new shop brand over on Etsy: Atticus & Finn!!! Formerly Sincerely I Do. I am expanding my product lines to be more than just wedding crafts, although this first launch will be mostly that!

Story behind the name: I literally have a list of names for my future kids on my iPhone and these are two that I really love, so I wanted to incorporate them in the vision I have for my shop. Simple as that. I mention having a list because I hope that I eventually have a HUGE family. The more the merrier 😉 5 kids at least!

I really wanted to take the time to brainstorm some new products as well as make sure that what I am producing is high quality and something that I would purchase myself! I really enjoy hosting and I could fully see myself incorporating any piece from my line into a party or shower at my own house and I really hope that you do too!

Atticus & Finn is a brand that seeks to create a nice atmosphere (through decor) in which to bring your loved ones together in celebration. 

I just hit publish last night over at Etsy, so if you’re reading this right now you are probably one of the first people who will get to see my first product launch for Atticus & Finn 🙂 You can follow Atticus & Finn over on Insta for some sneak peaks and a shower hostess package giveaway coming up. Or like the Atticus & Finn Facebook page!

If you’d like to sign up to receive news about upcoming product launches and extra behind the scenes info you can give me your email address here: Atticus & Finn – Behind the Scenes.



World Market Roundup (& Savings!)

Sam and I are big fans of World Market! We love that place – it’s pretty much our go-to for new furniture and decor because it’s all so cute and we usually walk in on a whim and find things on sale for such a good price. They seriously have everything! We’ll go in looking for a coffee table or something and end up buying a few things for the kitchen or picking up some of their specialty foods and then eventually walk out with a coffee table too an hour later.

So here’s my World Market Round-up! These are things that Sam and I have bought (I showed them in bold below. Some item’s we’ve bought – two accent dining chairs, and a desk – are no longer available and a few of them – the dining chairs and bed canopy – are on our “to get next” list!

Side note: Right now you can get free shipping on curtains, pillows and other accessories through this link. And for those of you looking for furniture you can get up to 50% off all furniture here PLUS use the code SAVEBIG10 to save an additional 10%


Here are mine and Sam’s picks!

all photo’s:

1.Bon Jour Pillow Cases  2.Black and Ivory Tufted Wool Rossi Area Rug  3.Whitewashed Starburst Devi Mirror  4.Blue Wave Print Crinkle Voile Curtains  5.White Crinkle Voile Cotton Curtains  6.Aqua Medallion Crinkle Voile Curtains  7.
Cocoa Paige Round Back Dining Chairs  8.
Blue Linen Paige Round Back Dining Chairs  9.
Charcoal Linen Paige Round-Back Dining Chairs  10.Gold Faceted Stemless Glassware  11.Pewter Patchwork Maya Mirror  12.Cala Hammered Coffee Table  13.Wood and Metal Edgar Dining Table  14.Wood and Metal Kenway Laptop Table  15.
Indian Cotton Gauze Sheer Canopy

You many have seen a few of these things in a couple of my past blog posts: here & here! Hope you enjoy the discounts and happy home decor shopping!


Target Room Redo

Happy Monday!! The first Monday of the new year (only 51 more to go…I googled it & then counted to make sure lol)! How are you spending it? I can’t believe the holidays went by sooo quickly, like they always do. I usually try and hang onto the Christmas tree as long as possible but my mom had other plans…good thing we are at the Lakeway house this week where we’ll have a couple more days with lights, and ornaments and me pretending that it’s still Christmas 😉

As per norm, now that we’ve fixed one place up it’s time to move on to the next…

But as previously mentioned here is our room re-do. Is there anything that Target doesn’t have?! We had even gone to Ikea to get some things for our rental – the store that never ends – and still ended up getting everything at Target! Still have some additions coming but I love what we have so far so I decided to share it 🙂 It all came together pretty well.

1. Pleated Duvet  2. Throw Pillow  3. Medallion Throw Pillow  4. Ivory Sheers  5. Chambray Quilt  6. Gray Pillow Cases  7. Down Alternative Comforter  8. Curtains  9. Mint Sheet Set

IMG_2293IMG_2294FullSizeRender (3)

Hope everyone has a good day! Side-note: I would be going back to school today if I hadn’t given my two-weeks. So I’m feeling a little bit nostalgic today and thinking of the teachers as they prepare for the kiddos to come back and I’m really going to miss my kids 😦 Wishing all you teachers out there a really great semester!


Cute Office Decor

If you follow me on Snapchat (amandawaltman) then you have seen Sam and I doing a little bit of home reno for my parents the past few days! Since we stay at their house part-time (while renting ours on air bnb) we decided to make it our home away from home!

We switched two rooms, completely painted the new guest room, and then outfitted the whole thing with new bedding and curtains. And then I almost immediately started turning a little corner of the “junk room” into my temporary office! I was super excited because I needed a place to set up my Cricut and my sewing machine. Hobby Lobby was also having some great wall decor sales but I also picked up a few things from Target because…Target!

So if you are wanting to spruce up your office or create a fun working space here are some ideas of things that I loved (& some that I actually bought and you might have seen on Snap).

1. Framed Dalmation & Chevron  2. Marble Coaster with Gold Detail  3. Nate Berkus Tabletop File  4. Cream Cross w/ Gold Leafing  5. Hello Gorgeous  6. Gold Framed Dalmation Dots  7. Dont Quit Your Daydream Candle  8. Get it Done  9. Texas  10. Gold Framed Gold Foil  11. Gold Framed Flowers  12. White and Gold Goat  13. Good Morning Beautiful  14. Good Vibes Candle  15. Succulent  16. Gold Framed Mirror  17. Hello Darling  18. Teal Brush Strokes  19. White Accent Rug  20. Hello Dalmation Dots