Dreamy Spring Dresses


1. Angel Lace Dress  2. Into You Slip Dress   3. Embroidered Austin Dress  4. Layered Sandstone Maxi  5. Fringe-Striped Shift  6. Juliet Eyelet Dress  7. Joclyn Smocked Bodice Midi Dress  8. Amethyst Pintucked Frock Dress  9. Knot Front Ribbed Mini Dress

Literally can’t believe that it’s already March! This year is already flying by. The weather here in Austin is starting to get really nice and that leaves me needing to shop for some new clothes! When I think of spring I think of dresses for some reason, anyone else? And I LOVED all of these. Just some ideas, still browsing.

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A Free People VDAY & My experience w/Valentine’s Day!

Dresses For You

1. New Romantics Celtic Wanderer  2. Sweet Escape Wrap Maxi  3. Printed Fern Maxi Party Dress  4. Jessie Maxi Dress  5. Bluebird Dress  6. Porter Dress (FAVVVs in bold)

Gifts for Him

1. Desert Beard & Face Oil  2. Whiskey Stones Craft Set of Six  3. Utilia Leather Iphone Case  4. Heart Shaped Massage Stones  5. Backpacker Cologne (side note: I almost had a DIY Beer Making Kit on this list, but Sam asked for one around 3 years ago and then never used it…so I went with things I thought he might actually use, or I might actually use for him like the massage stones!)

For the Furry Family Members

1. Oh So Clean Doggy Soap  2. Handmade Wand Cat Toy  3. Heart Breaker Rope Toy  4. Printed Cat Tipi  5. Overdyed Rope Collar
All above photos are from www.freepeople.com

I realize that Valentines Day is kind of a bull-crap holiday. Let’s just all spend our money! Right? Because, consumerism. Why not?! But since we are, lets have fun with it.

I actually once threw an Anti-Valentine’s Day party in college (isn’t that such a colleg-y thing to do? A friend and I thought it would be a fun theme because… we got the idea from some chick flick). But still somehow managed to incorporate valentines decorations, red drinks, and red lipstick so that it really ended up being more like a Valentine’s Day party without me even realizing it! And you know why? Because it’s fun!! Because celebrating is fun, and decorating is fun and showering your loved ones with gifts is fun! That’s why consumerism wins…and I’ve given in to being festive on Valentine’s Day.

We even had flowers and chocolate covered strawberry’s!! We were most definitely terrible at being Anti-Valentine’s Day…

So anyway, this year Sam and I will be taking a little road trip with my family to New Mexico for a ski trip over the Valentine’s Day weekend so we’ll be celebrating in snow, otherwise, I’d talk myself into buying one of those romantic dresses from Free People. They’re seriously all so romantic and floaty! Instead, I’ll be bundled up and celebrating in the snow with the fam which I am sooooo excited for!! Probably will be celebrating with some red wine too 😉 I mean, of course.

Hope you enjoy these Free People picks! What do your VDAY plans look like? Are you surprising someone special with something or making a nice dinner at home with some candles, flowers and good music? <–One of our fav. things to do!


How to Prepare for the Beach

Buy lots of swimsuits!! Because that’s really all you need at the beach right? I remember dreaming about living in Hawaii when I was younger and I pretty much thought I’d grow up, become a professional surfer and just live in a different bikini every day of the week. Haha well now I figure if I buy a bunch of cute swimsuits I’m only a few steps away 😉 – a girl can dream…

Needless to say I’ve been prepared for our Costa Rica trip for awhile now. We haven’t been to the beach in what feels like way too long! And now that vacation is staring me in the face and it’s all I can think about I’m going to share with you some of the cuuute swimsuits I browsed (& bought) while planning for our trip!
I found a few cute swimsuits at American Eagle, which I was actually hesitant about because I feel a little too old to be wearing AE, BUT take a look, you can even find the cute stripe cut-out top shown below on-sale. Which is awesome because it’s such a cute vintage looking top, I love it.

Photo’s: American Eagle Website

I love how classic and simple all of these are! Go and browse American Eagle’s site. They’ve got some cute swim wear and right now all swim purchases come with free shipping!

I’m ready to get my Blue Crush on!

Have you been to Costa Rica? What’s it like? It’s a first for me!


New Year’s Eve Picks for Going Out, Staying In, & Entertaining!

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? Sam and I aren’t really sure what we are doing yet, but that hasn’t stopped me from looking at all the pretty dresses! Still have a few days to prepare. I don’t think I even made it to midnight last year – because my bed time is generally around 10 – but I’m determined to stay awake for all of the festivities this year! And I honestly don’t know if I’ll be in a fancy dress downtown or in some jeans/sweats popping fireworks. But either way, I’m having fun planning for whatever our night looks like. Take a look 🙂 I’ve shared some pieces for going out and staying in, and threw in some fun things in case you are hosting the party!

Party / Night Out

1. Gatsby Dress 2. Caviar Dreams Maxi 3. Sequin Stripe Mini 4. Sequin Top Dress 5. Eight Sixty Fit & Flare Dress (also available in a pretty red) 6. Open Back Bodycon 7. Strapless Deep Purple Dress 8. Cutout A-line Dress

Cute and Comfy

1. Sequin Slippers 2. Sequin Sweatpants (yes, please!) 3. Green Gold Pocket shirt 4. Pop the Champagne shirt 5. Hello 2016 6. DIY and make a heart glitter shirt 7. Gold Elbow Patch shirt 8. Essie – Beyond Cozy

Host at Home

1. Gold Stemless Glasses 2. Gold Champagne Tassel Garland 3. Photo Props 4. Party Blowers 5. Cheers Y’all Napkins 6. Gold Bar Cart 7. Confetti Platter Set 8. Fun Gold Straws

Hope this little New Year’s Eve guide helps with planning! Are you going out, staying in or hosting??


Birthday & Christmas Wish List ;)

I figure since my birthday and Christmas are right around the corner it wouldn’t hurt to actually make a list this year! I usually find this really hard to do…but this year I’ve got a few things on my mind! Take a look 🙂

A Create Cultivate Dallas Ticket (I reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllyyyy wanna go to this conference)

New Running Shoes because I’ve completely worn mine out and honestly I’m surprised anyone at the gym runs on a treadmill next to me if you know what I mean (I mean they’re hole-y and stinky, like really stinky). LOL

A laptop! Nothing fancy (I’m talking cheap DELL not the 1300 Macbook), just one that works, that I can use for basically EVERYTHING. Blogging, crafting, printing…(can’t really do it all with my work laptop).

Workout Clothes! Shorts, Spandex

Boots! These & These & These & These 

Clothes (see Pinterest Wardrobe board for inspiration).

Still browsing. So I might have to add to this… 😉

Anyone else working on their Christmas list? Hope everyone is having a great Friday night!! I am RELAXING to the max. And I don’t plan on waking up before 10am…unless that’s when I have to be at the airport to pick up Sam.

Happy Friday!


Comfy Cozy Clothes

This November and December I’m REALLY embracing comfy, casual, cute winter season clothes. With my long days and chasing little ones around all day I want my clothes to feel as comfy as possible. There’s nothing better than getting out of bed at 5am and putting on an outfit that still feels like a comforter but looks pretty chic! I’ve seriously been turning on my car seat heater since August just for that warm cozy feeling to pretend like I’m still in bed! Lol. So that’s why I’m really loving sweater dresses right now. Really hoping that Texas gets a really cold cold front soon so that I can wear more of them!

Here are a few of my favorite sweater dresses from Forever 21 right now. I’m going with Forever 21 because that’s the first place I took my paycheck last month and they had some good and affordable stuff! Here were some of my fav’s:

Photo’s from Forever21.com

1. The Fifth Label 2. Marled Sweater Dress 3. Raglan Sweater Dress 4. Ribbed Sweater Dress

Cant forget accessories! Really loving booties with dresses, floppy hats and I always love scarves and anything plaid.

Photo’s from Forever21.com

1. Cutout Booties 2. Zip Faux Leather Booties 3. Wide Brim Hat 4. Raw Cut Fedora 5. Beige Plaid Scarf 6. Red&Navy Plaid Scarf

Have you guys found any good deals on cute winter attire? Do share! 🙂


Stitch Fix: 3rd Times The Charm?

So I went ahead and gave stitch fix a third shot!!!

After sending two boxes back without purchasing any clothes from them I was a little disappointed and wasn’t sure if ordering a box was worth it.

But after the second box came in a bust, I gave them ALOT of feedback and even voiced my frustration…and got VERY specific about what I wanted to see more of.

Much to my delight I actually liked my third box and plan on keeping pretty much everything except for one shirt! Granted I still would have liked to see more color in my box instead of pretty much all Navy or dark items (which I’m pretty sure I mentioned in my feedback) but the style was a lot a lot better!

So here’s what I got (heads up: most of these products are only sold to wholesale buyers, so be sure to request them when you set up your first stitch fix box if you like them!):

  1. I love this Pax Chiffon Trim Blouse by Sweet Rain because it’s really flowy and has a nice pattern. And it can be worn to work with a sweater or a blazer and then can easily transition into a night out or happy our after work!
  2. This Rebekah Contrast Detail Blazer by Kensie has the cutest polka dot pattern lining! And it fit really well…like I didn’t feel like it was squeezing me, because sometimes blazers fit weird in the arms…but not this one!
  3. This Gramercy Embroidered Top by Le Sample is super cute, but the only one I am sending back! I loved it until I put it on, it just didn’t quite fit my broad shoulders and made me look super boxy up top! If you have a more delicate and petite frame then this shirt would probably look great on you!
  4. This Bethanie Striped Maxi Skirt by Market & Spruce was a big surprise to me! I didn’t like it until I tried it on because it looked too chevron-y to me, and I know it isn’t chevron but I just don’t like that print at all and this reminded me of it! BUT can we talk about the fit?! Super flattering, high-waisted and hugged my lower half in all the right ways which was everything. Sam actually really liked it too! So it’s a keeper.
  5. This Adalena Tie Neck Top by Daniel Rainn is super cute. It’s got that peplum-y look but boho-ish feel and could be worn a few different ways. It’s a really versatile piece which I loved and it just felt so fun when I tried it on I knew I wanted to keep it.

So there we go! If you plan on ordering a box be VERY SPECIFIC about what you want to see in your box and VERY specific about how clothing fits on you so they can get gage sizes better.

If you’d like to schedule your first fix (or another fix) click HERE 🙂

What do you think about my third fix?


Amanda ❤

Stitch Fix Round Two & My Need For Pants

So I gave Stitch Fix another shot…

I let them know that I’d love some work clothes to add to my closet because as of right now I have probably 7 things that I’ll be wearing over and over and over again.

And why is it so hard to find a good pair of pants! That is probably the one thing I have the hardest time shopping for! My butt is too big and my legs are too short for the cookie-cutter pants that seem to fill just about every store I go into. Anyone else have this problem or any store suggestions for good pants??? Specifically not jeans.

Anyway, I was kind of annoyed and disappointed in Stitch Fix this time around (and yes I let them know…I gave them really good feedback!). This is the second time that I have sent back all of my clothes because they either didn’t fit right or they weren’t quite my style.

The thing I love about Stitch Fix is the convenience of being able to pin things you like to a Pinterest board and then have similar items show up at your door. At least that’s the idea! I just don’t know Stitch Fix…maybe I’ll give you another shot but this is strike two!


Maybe third times the charm? Or maybe it’s officially time to get my butt to the store and shop. Maybe convenience and easier isn’t always best.

Don’t forget to send me some recommendations for pants 🙂

Sincerely, Amanda

Today’s ‘Top’ Sales

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Saturday night Sam and I went with a couple of friends to see The Night Owls at Scoot Inn (one of the oldest bars in Austin, built in 1871). The bands and the people watching are always good in Austin! This band in particular had my friend Courtney and I dancing the night away, it was so much fun! And I just love seeing all the individual style when people go out, especially in Austin! You are always bound to see unique and trendy outfits being pulled off super well. So it inspired me to do some shopping and after my shopping turned pizza binge last week I decided that browsing sales from the comfort of the couch instead of wasting time in fitting rooms sounded awesome.

I immediately found this beauty online at old navy last week which is currently no longer at the sale price I bought it for but is still marked down a tiny bit.

To my delight I didn’t have to return it for a different size and it came in super fast!

The fact that the shirt fit well gave me some confidence and hope in online shopping so here is what I found today:


 $12.95 (Purchased…I’m in love with this color)

  $49.95 $20


$24.95 $12

Anthropologie  $88 49.95 (Purchased and SUPER excited about this one, it got all amazing reviews which is the only reason I splurged here. You can also get an extra 20% off with the promo code SALEAWAY at checkout!)

  $68 $39.95

ASOS  $57 $28.50

  $54 $16

That’s all I’ve got for now but I’ve been browsing ShopStyle and TOPSHOP ALL day for good deals and things that scream BUY ME NOW.  If I find anything else I’ll be sure to share in another post 🙂

Sincerely, Amanda

My Non-Shopping Problem

I’m seriously the worst at shopping. Or maybe just shopping by myself… IDK. Any stylists out there want to send me some outfits?!? Because that would be amazing. 

It’s not that I don’t have an idea of the clothes that I like, because my Pinterest Wardrobe board is amazing! It’s just… Well, read on.

I used to blow through money on clothes back in the day but now I just find it so hard to like something enough to spend $30-$100 on it. If it’s over $19.99 I almost have a mini anxiety attack and I don’t know when this started happening! If I find something I’ll talk myself out of it or second guess it to the point where I don’t give a flying flip anymore and I move onto the next store hoping for better luck.

Today I’m out and about shopping for clothes I can wear during the school year while I’m teaching and I’m so over it!  I had to laugh because I heard this girl walking out of a store here at the Domain saying “where should we go, should we go in here? Ughh lets just go to target!” and I totally feel her! Shopping is overwhelming. And tiring. And I personally just get so distracted! I’ll usually start looking at kitchen stuff and cute mugs. And pillows! And other cute Knick knacks. And pajamas…I love pajamas. These are the kinds of things that I would stupidly and gladly blow my money on if I could.

I think I might just resolve to online shop from now on because what happens when I go out shopping is that I don’t buy any clothing and then I justify sitting down at California Pizza Kitchen and eating an entire pizza by myself because I’m tired of trying things on (currently). Which by the way their Cali Club Pizza is so good!    

SO dear readers please wish me luck.

Sincerely, Amanda