Touring Fredericksburg with Texas Winos


This weekend I celebrated my cousin Megan’s Bachelorette party with my cousins (yes we are all related) and Texas Winos! None of us had ever done a day trip wine tour like this before and we have all wanted to go so we were super excited about it! My cousin Lisa found a great Groupon for the tour, so it ended up costing around $75 a person!

The tour came with brunch, two wine glasses and 5 or 6 tastings at three different Vineyards in the Fredericksburg area: Texas Hills Vineyard, Fat Ass Ranch, and Mendelbaum Cellars.

Texas Hills Vineyard

All of the wines from Texas Hills Vineyard are super affordable, ranging from $12.85 to $19.95, though they also offer a more expensive selection on their site. My favorite’s were their Syrah, Toro de Tejas (interesting story, they actually had to change their label for this wine because a Vineyard in Spain had trademarked the Spanish Bull logo and sued Texas Hills Vineyard…so Texas Hills went with a Longhorn instead) and their Kick Butt Cab. Totally a red wine fan all the way, but for you white and sweet wine fans, their Volare was pretty good too! Check out their wine for purchase.

Fat Ass Ranch and Winery

This place was SO stinkin cute! Probably my favorite of the three because the ranch itself is beautiful and open, the decor is so eye-catching, and there is the cutest donkey named Frito on site that loves getting attention! I definitely bought into the whole brand and HAD to get a comfy t-shirt.

My favorite wine’s from Fat Ass Ranch were their Dry Red (obviously) and their Peach Wine which would be great and refreshing in the summer (as well as their Watermelon wine which I was curious about but didn’t get to try this time around)! They also sell a frozen peach and frozen sangria onsite, also great for Texas summers! Their wine’s ranged from $20-$32. Check out their wine club!

Mendelbaum Cellars

This place was super neat and a close tie for my favorite! This cellar is owned by a family from Israel and while some of their wine is from the Texas Hill Country area, they also offer a wine selection from The Holy Land! Which we got to taste and I thought was SO awesome! My favorites were Abraham, Jacob’s Dream and Sea of Galilea. They also had Olive Oil from The Holy Land for tasting (and purchase) along with bread, crackers, chocolate chips and meats and cheeses. It was a super delightful experience and probably definitely would have been my favorite if they had a cute donkey at their cellars too. Check out their wine for purchase! Wines ranging from $19.99 to $59.99+

I’d definitely recommend touring through the Texas Wino’s tour. They take you on a big comfy charter bus, the tour guide is super friendly and funny and it’s just a big party the entire time! You can bring your own food, snacks and drinks for the road trip and then enjoy the free tasting when you get to each vineyard. I definitely can’t wait to go again!

Any other Texas Hill Country Vineyards I should check out?