Our Galveston Trip in Pictures

What a great trip! I’m so happy Sam was able to bring me with him. Here are a few pictures from the trip, we were there 4 days. You can click on a picture in each gallery to browse through a slideshow with captions!

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four


The Playground of the Southwest


Sam and I are here in Galveston, the place we lived and met! Sam has work down here every so often and I got to join in on the trip this time, so I get to experience Galveston as a tourist on vacation for a few days!

The Playground of the Southwest: That’s what they called Galveston back in the day. For lots of good reasons!

Fancy shmancy hotels

Amusement parks

Bath houses

The largest salt water swimming pool in the country

Indoor skating rinks



Gambling and Casinos. There were around 45 on Galveston island in the Free State Era when the Rat Pack and the Mafia ran the place. Oh how I’d love to go back and see Galveston then!

The starting place of the Miss Universe Pageant.

And so much more. Not to mention the fortitude of Galveston after the 1900s hurricane and the Hurricanes to follow. There are businesses that have been family owned for 100 years now that have stayed and rebuilt every time. Galveston continues seeking to grow and prosper through each set back. It’s pretty awesome!

Theres a lot of history to soak in if you love reading or hearing about it like me!

I was leaving the hotel Galvez after my morning workout and couldn’t help but stop to hear a history lesson from the cutest old man who was born in 1930, has lived in Galveston his whole life, and seen it go through A LOT. His parents too. And especially.

I lived here 3 years in college (& fell in love with the island…and Sam too about a year after dating) and knew that Galveston had a lot of history, but never heard it quite so personally…I love old people because they’re such great story tellers! And for good reason I guess, this man is 86 and has lived a lot of years!

So needless to say I got a lot more that I was expecting from a morning trip to the gym but it was wonderful!

I love Galveston and I’m SO happy to be back for just a little while.

Sam and I are staying at the Harbor House the first two nights. The original Harbor House opened in 1902 and “appealed to families of good moral character.” In other words away from all of the fun shenanigans.

we got in last night and met up with some friends for dinner for some pizza!

I’ll be blogging more of our visit to come!
XO – Amanda