4th of July Weekend


We spent our weekend in Port Aransas, TX! Probably my favorite little Texas beach town (sorry Galveston, but you’re seriously pretty great though too). My family has been going to Port A for a summer beach getaway for as long as I can remember, so I’m really fond of it! We had the perfect little 4th of July weekend trip, but I wasn’t ready to leave…who is ever ready to leave vacation really? But I specifically find leaving the beach harder than leaving other vacations because I LOVE LOVE LOVE times a million love the beach.  Here are a few snaps from our trip:

Barnes & Noble was having a book sale so we picked up a few of them for our trip. i started reading ‘Calling Me Home’ by Julie Kibler. I made it about a chapter in during our trip while my mom finished hers completely!


My brother, Lee, skimboarding.

We stayed at the Bay Tree Condominiums on the bay, just a short drive to the beach which was super crazy crowded for the fourth, as usual.

One of our traditions has been visiting Fire It! Ceramics while we are on the island. You choose one of a million different pottery peices, choose colors, paint your peice and then pick it up the next day after its been thrown into the kiln. we always enjoy it and I try and always do something different because I’m usually drawn to cups, but I have way too many cups! My mom has done plates the past couple years and wants to keep going each year until she has a set.

It wouldnt have been right to not surf while I was there. I remember going to port a as a girl growing up thinking that one day I would really be a pro surfer. HAHA. i dead serious wanted to be one so bad!


for dinner on the fourth the fam went to Castaways Seafood and Grill. We originally started going there back in the day because theyll cook up whatever fish you catch and bring in for you. their food is good! we had a hard time finishing everything because we were all so full!


Hope everyone had a great independence day weekend!