Throw Back: Honeymoon-ing at The Excellence in Punta Cana

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I really have a thing for the beach… and if I had to choose between snowboarding trips (as MUCH as I love them) or beach vacations – only one for the rest of my life – it would be beach vacations, hands down.

I love everything about it. Living on island time, the salt water, surfing, being tan, living in a swimsuit, being outside all of the time, running on the beach, wearing little to no make-up, clearer skin, and the whole soul bursting feeling of joy and the constant reminder of how small you are next to the vast ocean full of scary but cool sea creatures. I’m deathly afraid of those deep dark sea-creatures (seriously, Sam laughs at how ridiculous I am when I get scared snorkeling in the ocean) and I. LOVE. it.

So it was a no-brainer that for our honeymoon, I wanted Sam and I to go somewhere with bright blue water, white sand, palm trees and coconut drinks 😉

We landed on The Excellence Resort in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic! With a private beach, 9 restaurants, 10 bars, surf rentals, 24 hour room service, two huge pools & jacuzzi’s and entertainment every night I was VERY smitten. Though they offer so much more than that… (spa next time??)

This was my first all-inclusive experience and I died at how extravagant it was. Sure, I’ll have another mojito. Yeah, one more, why not. How about just keep em coming! And room service at 1 am? YES. I mean, really, how are these places real?

The service at the resort was WONDERFUL. Every single staff member was SO nice and seriously so personable and friendly that it felt like we were leaving friends by the end of the week.

And the FOOD. The restaurants were amazing. Our favorite by far was Spice  – I ordered the Pad Thai and sushi every.time. it was so good. I want to say we tried all of the restaurants but we were too stuck on the Thai! Though I think we did try at least half of them and they were all really good. Minus the burgers at the beach bar…I didn’t care for those but that was the only thing! I think they might have changed things up a bit since we were there in June-July 2014 though. It looks like they changed a few of their restaurants.

The resort also offered excursion packages, but we figured there was enough to do actually at the resort (horse back riding, kayaking, surfing, ping pong, beach games, etc.). Plus I’m pretty content to just chill at the beach. We did go horse-back riding, kayaking and surfing! We were also talked into a few beach competitions by one of the super friendly resort staff/friends.

There was some kind of performance/entertainment every night. From dancing performances and acrobatics, to karaoke and salsa dancing! We were never bored. They even threw a legit 4th of July party!

If you’re looking for your next beach destination vacation…I definitely recommend The Excellence in Punta Cana! There are also Excellence Resorts in: Riviera Cancun, Playa Mujeres, El Carmen and Oyster Bay (coming soon).

What are some beach destinations/resorts that you’d recommend? I’d loove to add them to my list 🙂