A Weekend Getaway by the Bay

Sam and I took a “weekend” getaway to San Francisco. We left Sunday, got back Tuesday and loved every minute of it. 

We had taken a trip to San Francisco back in June as a first year anniversary trip and we loved it so much that we wanted to go back. This time around was a little bit different because last time we stayed in Sausalito (LOVE LOVE LOVE) and we stayed a couple days longer. This time we stayed at an Air Bnb in the city for a little bit of a different experience! Sam found us an amazing little city studio for $80/night (we managed to catch it at the perfect time during their low traffic time, it’s currently showing $240/night so we got lucky!) – seriously like five blocks from Union Square. Our little flat, while super cute and the perfect San Fran vibey space, was literally in the heart of the one block with the highest crime rate in San Francisco, so I feel like we got the real experience! Haha, yikes. We were totally safe though and I would definitely stay there again!


Here is what we did with one full day back in SF:


We woke up to a beautiful sunny day and got a LYFT to Torpedo Wharf. Walked (this was the beginning of a lot of walking, though i never mind walking, especially in big cities) from there to Fort Point which I really wish had been open. It’s open Friday through Sunday so we just missed it! But we were able to snap some cool angles of the Golden Gate Bridge from there before walking to the Warming Hut (right across from Torpedo Wharf) for some huge organic cali chicken sandwiches. The food ended up being kind of pricey but it was good! And their hot apple cider was soo good!


After lunch we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge and admired the enormity of the structure, then we walked through Crissy Field which is HUGE and tons of cute dogs are off their leashes playing fetch with their owners. Cutest thing ever. Walked down Crissy Beach and were about two miles from The Buena Vista so we decided to Lyft over. It was sunny but it was pretty chilly! So we decided to warm up with two Irish coffee’s.


From Buena Vista we walked all the way up Hyde St., saw Lombard Street – the famous super windy street in SF – walked to Union Square about 2 miles away and Sam was so hungry that I settled for Burger King because he couldn’t wait in the trolley line without some sustenance. Next time we are in SF I want to try a friend’s recommendation, Tadich Grill, “One of the oldest restaurants there and definitely the best cioppino anywhere.”Also received recommendations to try Kokkari, Wayfare Tavern, Hakkasan. So those are on the list for future trips too!

So after we got some sustenance in our bellies, we rode the trolley through the city and by that time it was dark out so the views of the city were spectacular!


Speaking of spectacular city views: there are a few bars in SF that have amazing views of the city! The View Lounge, Top of the Mark, and the Starlight Room. 2 of which have 360 views of the city (Top of the Mark and Starlight) and dancing. Sam and I wanted to check out the Starlight room the first night but it was closed – seeing as it was a Sunday – instead we ended up at a random bar and grill around Union Square. My list of to-do’s is growing!


After our trolley ride, we got some coffee, and then called it a night. I had a lot on my to see list that we didn’t get to but it was okay because we literally woke up at like 10am and then had a relaxing day of adventures at our own pace. It was really nice! But next time I hope to fit in: Muir Woods, the Legion of Honor, Mission Dolores and a few others!

Until next time!



San Francisco – Day 2

Blogging about San Francisco makes me want to go back! We had such a good trip. Whether it was the place or the occasion (probably both), it was plain great. I think Sam and I could have fun just about anywhere though and that’s one of the awesome things about being married to your best friend. 1 year down, here’s to good health & 60+ more!


Our second day in San Francisco we headed to Golden Gate Park, rented some bikes and headed toward Ocean Beach (to explore more of the North-West side of the city).


Honestly it took me awhile to warm up to biking around the city because I don’t trust people’s driving! I’d definitely rather hoof it on foot than bike in a busy city, but I was glad we biked because the part of the city that we were exploring was more spread out than our previous day’s ventures and biking got us to everything we wanted to see!

Our first stop was Judah Street for some lunch (at which time I was kind of hangry). I had read that this street encapsulated the “surf town feel” and was pretty much a smaller, cleaner Santa Cruz. UH, not so much what we found (I didn’t take any pictures there), but we made the best of it or Sam did, and I did once I had some food in my belly. We grabbed a couple of sandwiches at Java Beach Café, and all was good.




From Judah St. we biked along the beach to the Sea Cliff area and Sutro Bath’s (big ocean-side pools that filled with ocean water when the tides came in, built in the late 19th century and later burned down in the 1960s). It’s neat to look at pictures online and see how extravagant the sutro bath’s were, but the view today is still picturesque. Ducks and seagulls enjoy the ruins of the bath’s as tourists hike the hillside to see them.





Directly above the Sutro Bath’s is Land’s End Park with a trail that we biked along leading to pretty views of the Golden Gate Bridge!



We had to get our bikes back into the shop before it closed and we had just enough time to grab some gelato at Holy Gelato! They had some really unique flavors including goat cheese, which was weird, I know, but actually pretty good!

The End.


San Francisco – Day 1

We decided to tackle the North-central-east side of San Francisco via foot and cable car our first day (this area is seen as the most tourist-friendly because of how much there is to see within such a close area and of course because of the touristy shops/restaurants…no thanks Bubba Gump Shrimp Co!).

North Beach – We watched a few (there were four total) seals lay out on the boat docks at Pier 39 in the Fisherman’s Wharf area. One of the seals had its right hind side bitten out by a shark (poor guy!! he looked miserable..) but the people looking out for it were hopeful that it would heal and be fine! We were happy to see a few seals out because they are known to migrate south for the summer. Normally there are hundreds to be found at these docks during the late fall/winter months.



After saying bye to Andre we headed on foot toward Washington Square, the central hub of “Little Italy” where we grabbed some Gelato at a nearby Delicatessen (so fancy) and enjoyed the square where artists in the area had their work on display and locals were basking on the lawn. We had a hard time deciding whether to eat our gelato in the shade or the sun because the weather was in the upper 60’s/lower 70’s and in the shade it was almost too cold but in the sun it got hot pretty fast! Nearby a local in a tank top  was preparing for a nap under the sun as she sprayed herself down with sunscreen but before passing out threw on a hoodie, for warmth? for sun protection? At least we weren’t the only ones confused by the weather.


We passed a cute Haberdashery along the way! I had to take a picture because I thought it was so neat; it was like being back in time.

We passed a cute Haberdashery along the way! I had to take a picture because I thought it was so neat; it was like being back in time.

Financial District – From there Sam found the closest cable car which unbeknownst to us took us into Union Square ,aka the central shopping area, where you can find big name stores such as: Macy’s, Coach, Dior, DSW, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and many others. Sam and I stopped into Sketchers to pick me up some comfy walking shoes and then headed back toward North Beach on foot. Uphill. Hello glutes!


The cable car was $6 a person to ride. It was a really neat iconic San Fran experience and Sam was even able to stand out the side of the cable car to enjoy the views!

This picture is from day two in San Fran but these are one of the two pairs of shoes we picked up at Sketchers. Super cute and comfy. Links for both below.

This picture is from day two in San Fran but these are one of the two pairs of shoes we picked up at Sketchers. Super cute and comfy. Links for both below.

I bought THESE in white, and THESE.

On our way to Chinatown we needed an afternoon energy boost bad (at least I did) so we stopped into a place for coffee to sit awhile. Walking the hills is no joke! And there are so many places to pop in for a drink or a bite in San Fran which is a big part of its charm.

 Once in Chinatown we walked down one of the most popular streets, also known as “the street of painted balconies” or Waverly Place. Being the oldest and biggest Chinatown in the country there was a lot to take in! A lot of culture, a lot of shops and restaurants, temples and churches, and people living life. We stopped for a moment to watch a volleyball match that was down an alley off a main street before moving on.

FullSizeRender (6)


At this point we had worked up an appetite so we popped into another little place on the side of some random street for a giant slice of pizza and some soda before walking (uphill) through Telegraph Hill, “one of San Fran’s 44 hills and one of its original ‘seven hills’ to check out Coit Tower and the view (which was gorgeous).





10+ miles and we called it a day! We also decided on bikes for our second day which I’ll share in another post!

Sincerely, Amanda