Sam and I are huge proponents of Air BnB…partly because we use it to rent out our home/lake house, but also because staying in an awesome house on vacay is WAY better than staying in a drab hotel room…even if you could afford the penthouse suite, you could probably stay in a bomb ass mansion with a private pool, hot tub and washer/dryer instead.

Anyway, for our one year anniversary we had no idea where to stay! Sam had never been to San Francisco and the last time I was there, I was 6 years old. Most of the hotels seemed so expensive and since we didn’t really know the area well we weren’t sure what we would actually be getting. Well we looked on Air BNB and ended up finding this CUTE little studio in Sausalito…literally right across the Golden Gate right outside of San Francisco. The thing we love about Air BnB is that people are held accountable by reviews! And we are able to communicate with the renters and see pictures of the place before we book it. Well major points for Sam because he found the perfect space for us.


It was so cozy and just a walk away (literally just down the hill, one street away) from downtown Sausalito (overlooking the bay too!): aka close to all of the shops, restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and bars! Which we walked to EVERY SINGLE night. It was SO enjoyable and quaint that I would definitely recommend staying in Sausalito even if you are wanting to be in San Francisco for the majority of your day/trip. We really would LOVE to go back (I mean the weather alone was amazing, especially for two people who are used to Texas summers). We had such a good trip that we immediately were trying to figure out if we could make a quick trip back before the summer was over…who knows…?!

We arrived in Sausalito Friday afternoon, got to our studio rental and immediately took a nap, well at least Sam did, I could have used some sleep for sure but I was way too excited to be still. When Sam woke up we went to check out Mt. Tam (Tamalpais is the actual name…but Mt. Tam is easier because I kept wanting to say Mt. Tampalapalis). I had googled hidden gems of San Francisco and this place came up on the list…and it was even more amazing than I think it looks in the pictures. It’s above the bay, above the usually crazy clouds where they have come to rest on the mountain and it feels like a glimmer of heaven, like you’re on top of the word! It was absolutely beautiful.








We spent enough time walking around on the Mountain and running to try to capture the perfect picture that we were starving by the time we got back into Sausalito. It’s neat walking around Sausalito, they literally have every kind of food: Indian, French, Italian, Thai, Sushi, American, Seafood, etc. We decided on Indian the first night and went to Sartaj India Café…left stuffed, walked around downtown, grabbed a coffee and brownie from Starbucks down the way and then went home and passed out!




The next morning we ate breakfast at Fred’s Coffee Shop before heading into San Fran for our tourist day on foot; I’ll be posting San Fran pics in another post. Fred’s portions were ginormous, so we had enough to take back to the studio and eat the next morning for breakfast and it was all delish. We didn’t try their fresh pressed OJ, but from what I gathered from those who DID order it around us, it was REALLY GOOD, so if you find yourself there, I guess give it a try!

That night after our day in San Fran, we weren’t particularly starving because we had eaten well in the city. We split a few fish tacos from Fish and Chips of Sausalito, then split TWO desserts and some coffee at Taste of Rome, which is the same place we went back to for our last evening, for some pizza!




There was also a little market down the hill from our place where we bought a couple of bottles of wine to enjoy on our porch.

It was PERFECT and I honestly would rather stay in Sausalito than San Fran any trip.

Sincerely, Amanda